CTech | Cüneyd Fırat, CTech’s 2022 performance and shared his expectations for 2023

Cüneyd Fırat, CTech’s 2022 performance and shared his expectations for 2023

CTech | Cüneyd Fırat, CTech’s 2022 performance and shared his expectations for 2023
23 June 2023

CTech Information Technologies offers products and solutions in Avionics Systems and Communications, Cyber Security, and Modeling-Simulation technologies to various stakeholders in the Defense and Security, Aerospace and Space, Telecommunications, and Broadcasting sectors.

Since becoming a subsidiary of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) in 2018, the company has continued to grow rapidly.

Dr. Cüneyd Fırat, the General Manager of CTech, stated that they continue their activities with the vision of providing high-value products and solutions to their stakeholders. He evaluated the year 2022, which we are preparing to leave behind, and shared his expectations for 2023:

“2022 was a year of progress, growth, and getting closer to our goals for CTech. We have been in a significant phase of development for the past three years, and we have been sustaining this development with an increasing pace. The main factor behind this is that we have been operating for 18 years, and some of our efforts over the years have started to turn into products and recurring sales, which we emphasize each time. This was an important vision and goal for us, and we have started to reap the rewards. These achievements are also reflected in our revenues.

Our revenues have been increasing exponentially over the past three years. Actually, as you know, the economic conditions of the past three years have been challenging for everyone. Despite these conditions, the fact that our revenues are growing and developing shows that we are starting to reap the rewards of the efforts we have made from the beginning for 18 years.

Here, I would like to give a few examples; as you know, since 2013, CTech has been operating in the field of mobile satellite communication terminals. The ANKA and Aksungur UAVs are performing their missions using satellite terminals provided by CTech. They are performing their missions successfully.

Our satellite terminals have reached field experience with tens of thousands of hours. This technology is now at Level 9, which is an important level in terms of readiness. Our products have reached Level 9. In terms of orders, we have received a significant portion of them in 2022. We have approached the 80s in terms of the number of orders. We expect these orders to increase in the coming years.

This has brought us strong growth support for CTech. It has provided significant support that we foresee will continue in the coming years…”