CTech | 4-Band Connection Study for IDA’s from CTech

4-Band Connection Study for IDA’s from CTech

CTech | 4-Band Connection Study for IDA’s from CTech
20 December 2023

In the 56th episode of Network-Centric Talks, next-generation communication solutions were discussed with the participation of Dr. Nurşen Sarı, Deputy General Manager of Engineering and Programs, and Hüseyin H. Erkut, Programs Director, from CTech, a key player in the Turkish defense industry. In this context, Erkut provided explanations about the 4-band link solution developed by CTech for unmanned sea vehicles.

Discussing the system that provides flexibility and redundancy for users, Erkut stated:

“We are working on integrating several systems. We have a modular product for unmanned sea vehicles for which we have obtained a patent. The product is a system that combines GSM lines and sends data according to its availability. We have combined the C band, L band, K band, and GSM lines in one platform. We provided such a system for USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles). This system uses the most available of these four channels or the channel you prefer between the land and the sea vehicle.”

Regarding the domestic SATCOM for ANKA-3, Ctech General Manager Cüneyd Fırat had made exclusive statements to Defence Turk during the IDEF’23 event at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center. Fırat had previously discussed CTech’s role in projects like HÜRJET and ANKA-3, providing insights into the company’s infrastructure.

Fırat also mentioned developments in CTech’s SATCOM efforts, stating:

“We are progressing towards becoming a significant player worldwide. SATCOM is increasingly being used. The need existed before, but the practicality of SATCOM usage was not as it is today. As satellite capacity becomes more feasible and technologies produce better products, usage is increasing. We will see satellite communication systems more frequently in the future. For example, in recent times, we were able to integrate SATCOM into unmanned aerial vehicles even under the clouds. We are reaching that level now.”