CTech | CTech developed satellite communication system for armored vehicles

CTech developed satellite communication system for armored vehicles

CTech | CTech developed satellite communication system for armored vehicles
23 June 2023

CTech Bilişim Teknolojileri has developed the Armored Vehicle Mounted Mini Satellite Antenna Communication System (ZIRH-UHS), which has been integrated into the Vuran 4×4 mortar vehicle, a joint production of BMC and ASELSAN.

Developed under the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) project, ZIRH-UHS has been successfully tested on the Vuran 4×4 TTZA.

Ismail Demir, the President of Defense Industries, made the following statement on Twitter regarding the integration:

“Our project for developing a wideband mini satellite system for armored vehicles has been successfully completed.

As part of the project, a mini satellite system (SOTM) working with interchangeable bandwidths and a domestic frequency hopping military and civilian modem have been developed and integrated into the Vuran vehicle.”

ZIRH-UHS, developed within the scope of the project, provides two-way communication between mobile land platforms and ground stations via Ku-Band. It consists of the following units:

• 12″ Ku-Band SOTM (Satcom-On-the-Move) Antenna Unit
• DVB Modem
• Frequency Hopping (Compatible with NATO STANAG 4606 Version 3) EPM Modem

The SOTM Antenna can track satellites and stabilize based on the axis movements obtained from INS units, both in On-Road and Off-Road terrain types.

During the demo and test activities, various operations were conducted between the 4×4 Armored Land Vehicle BMC Vuran, configured as the K-UHB (Land Vehicle Satellite Communication Unit), and the M-UHB (Central Satellite Communication Unit) configured as the center, on different road and terrain conditions (Off-Road and On-Road) using TURKSAT Satellites. The following activities were carried out:

• Live Transmission of 4 Vehicle-Mounted and External Camera Images
• Video Call – Video Communication
• Voice Call
• Text Message
• Voice Message
• Encrypted and Unencrypted File Transfer
• Real-time sensor data of the Armored Vehicle received via Canbus (high beam, low beam, fog light, turn signal, mine locks, seatbelt warning, speed, engine RPM, gear information)