CTech | UfukLink-Micro
CTech | UfukLink-Micro
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UfukLink-Micro is a LoS solution developed by CTech. It is a compact system that integrates all the necessary components for LoS into a single device. UfukLink Micro offers a high-speed, secure, and uninterrupted communication system operating in the L/S/C. It can be used on moving platforms such as drones, helicopters, airplanes, and ships.

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CTech | UfukLink-Micro


Frequency Range1300-1500 MHz / 2.0-2.5 GHz / 4.0-6.0 GHz
Modulation ModeBPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM
ThroughputUp to 70Mbps
Communication Distance200km+ with tracking antenna
Transmission Power2 x1 W, 2x 2W , 2x10W, 2x20W (Platform), 2x10W, 2x20W (Base)
Networking Capabilities
Network TopologyPoint to Point / Point to Multi Point
Mobility200 km/h
System Parameter
InterfaceSerial port (232/485/422)
Video InterfaceIP/HDMI, H.265
Local/Remote ManagementWeb browsing
System UpgradeRemote
Positioning FunctionGPS
Power Supply9-30V
Power Consumption2A Max/0.7A@12V (Idle) (2Wx2)
6A Max/9A@16.8V (Idle) (2x10W)
10A Max/0.9A@20V (Idle) (2x20W)
Physical Properties
Operating Temperature-40℃ ~ 80℃
Size/Weight11.8×6.2x2cm/150gr (2Wx2)
12.8×11.0x3.4cm/630g (2x10W/2x20W)