CTech | UfukLink-DLX20
CTech | UfukLink-DLX20
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CTech designs, manufactures and provides novel and complete end-to-end communication solutions for unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). UFUK-DLX45 is intended for line-of-sight (LOS) Data communication applications, and consists of All the components to establish a secure and robust data link for the most severe environments and conditions.

It is a complete Full Duplex(FD) communication System solution containing the paired datamodems, RF blocks, and antennas for both ground and airborne terminals. The up-link carries the command and control information for the real time operation of the UAV, while the down-link conveys all the onboard sensor data, video and audio payload to the ground station.The video encoder on the airborne modem processes the payload information, enabling simultaneous HD and SD video transmissions.

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Use Cases

CTech | UfukLink-DLX20



40,000 ft (1219 meter)


Airborne Modem:28VDC Nominal (16 VDC min-36 VDC max)
Ground Modem:220VAC

Video Compression

H.264, H.265 Main Profile
Simultaneous HD/SD & Composite Videos

Operating Temperature

Airborne Modem:40-C to +55 °C
Ground Modem:+5 °C to + 35 °C

Modem Size

Airborne Modem size:187 mm x 150 mm x 82,5mm
Ground Modem Size:19 Rack Type Chassis

Modem Weight

Airborne Modem Weight:<2 kg
Ground Modem Weight:<8 kg
CTech | UfukLink-DLX20


  • A Complete, Fully Integrated , Secure and Robust LOS Data Link System for Military and civil Applications
  • Selectable Modcods Including FEC’s of 1/2, 2/3, and 4/5
  • RF Operation Capability on L/S/C Bands
  • Modular Software Defined Radio (SDR)Architecture
  • Full-Duplex Operation
  • Internal AES-256 Data Encryption for Data and Communication Lines
  • Link Latency (Excludes other data processing delays):50 msec

Data Rates:

  • Return(Down) Link: Variable Up to:45 Mbps
  • Forward(Up)Link: Variable Up to:2 Mbps
  • Range:200 km Type(C Band )
  • 2 x HD, 4 x SD Video Interfaces (RS-232 or RS-422 selectable)
  • 3 x Serial Data Interfaces (RS-232 or RS-422 selectable)
  • 2 x Serial Interface(CLI)
  • 2 x Serial Interface(GPS)
  • SNMP v3 Control via 100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Anten Control unit:1 x 100 Mbps Ethernet 1 x Serial Interface
  • GUI Web-based Interface over Ethernet
CTech | UfukLink-DLX20

200 km+ (C Band)

CTech | UfukLink-DLX20

Full-Duplex Operation

CTech | UfukLink-DLX20

2 x HD, 4 x SD Video Interface (20 Mbps)

CTech | UfukLink-DLX20

Air (Fixed Wing & Rotary Wing), Maritime