CTech | CTech company will showcase its new products at IDEF 2023

CTech company will showcase its new products at IDEF 2023

CTech | CTech company will showcase its new products at IDEF 2023
3 August 2023

CTech General Manager Cüneyd Fırat stated in an interview with Defensehere.com that they will introduce 2 new products at IDEF 2023.

Cüneyd spoke as follows:

“We will participate in the IDEF fair with a broad presence. We will showcase many of our products there. For the past year, CTech products have not been exhibited at CTech stands. Various platforms and companies that collaborate with CTech display our products alongside their own. IDEF will feature examples of these collaborations, and their number is increasing. Especially for those who follow CTech, they already know that we are involved in satellite communications and Horizon Line Communication with various versions. But during IDEF, we will launch two different products this year.”

Seamless communication concept

“In addition to the existing products, we will also showcase products developed under the concept of seamless communication at IDEF. With this work, which we put forward under the concept of seamless communication, we have demonstrated the continuity of critical communication by bringing together various channels to function as a single channel. Both satellite communication and Horizon Line Communication channels can be used together with the GSM channel. We demonstrated this in unmanned marine vehicles, and now we have started receiving demands for its wider use in other platforms. We will officially launch this during IDEF in the most comprehensive way.”

Introduction of the new Mini Link product family

“Furthermore, we will introduce our product family, which we refer to as ‘Mini Link,’ and it utilizes Mesh technology, which is in high demand in our country. As you know, the concept of using platforms in a swarm formation is becoming more widespread. Our product family provides a communication solution suitable for swarm use, and we will launch it at IDEF. We welcome everyone who follows us, uses our products, and our stakeholders to visit our booth during IDEF to see these new products.”