CTech | Local SATCOM CTech Provides Strategic Locality to ANKA-3!

Local SATCOM CTech Provides Strategic Locality to ANKA-3!

CTech | Local SATCOM CTech Provides Strategic Locality to ANKA-3!
20 December 2023

General Manager Cüneyd Fırat made exclusive statements to Defence Turk, discussing CTech’s role in the HÜRJET and ANKA-3 projects and providing insights into the company’s overall infrastructure.

Fırat also touched upon developments in CTech’s SATCOM (Satellite Communication) initiatives, stating:

“We are progressing towards becoming a significant player worldwide. SATCOM is increasingly being used. The need existed before, but the practicality of SATCOM usage was not as it is today. As satellite capacity becomes more feasible and technologies produce better products, usage is increasing. We will see satellite communication systems more frequently in the future. For example, in recent times, we were able to integrate SATCOM into unmanned aerial vehicles even under the clouds. We are reaching that level now.”

Fırat mentioned that the export of CTech products can be seen in various countries along with other Turkish defense industry products, stating:

“The export of CTech satellite communication products has started to other countries on various platforms. Currently, some of our colleagues are in Chad. As you know, TUSAŞ (Turkish Aerospace Industries) is supplying ANKA UAVs to Chad. This situation will increase further in the future. Hopefully, CTech will be a significant player in the coming years. It has great potential. We received an invitation from NATO. About three years ago, NATO visited CTech. CTech products will also be used through ANKA UAVs in Malaysia.”