CTech | TerraARX Ready to Use

TerraARX Ready to Use

CTech | TerraARX Ready to Use
20 December 2023

The Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal TerraARX, developed by CTech, is ready for use.

Field tests of the Mobile Satellite Communication Terminal TerraARX, developed by CTech using domestic capabilities, have been completed. Bülent Karaaslan, who announced the development on his LinkedIn account, stated that TerraARX is ready to provide uninterrupted and secure communication for land vehicles. In this context, the launch of TerraARX took place at SAXA EXPO held between October 25-28, 2022.

CTech’s UFUK RadioLink Terminal outdoor tests were also completed.

The outdoor tests of the UFUK 80GHz RadioLink Terminal, developed by CTech Bilişim for cost-effective wireless transmission, have been successfully completed. In a statement by the company, it was mentioned, “After the indoor tests we conducted for our 80GHz RadioLink, outdoor tests have also been successfully completed, operated with a capacity of 10Gbps in a 1+0 link configuration, and the productions have been completed with the first deliveries made.”

In this context, it was also conveyed that the system is integrated into the CTECH NMS (Network Management System) developed by CTech.

The UFUK 80GHz RadioLink Terminal provides an E-band millimeter-wave solution in mobile, fixed, or private networks. It represents a fundamental technology tool that fills the gap between fiber high-capacity systems and flexible, cost-effective wireless transmission. UFUK-FO80HDX achieves 10Gbps full-duplex ultra-high capacity in a single unit and reaches 20Gbps in a 2+0 XPIC configuration.

UFUK-FO80HDX provides fiber-like capacity, the highest distribution flexibility, and homogeneous operational behavior like traditional microwave. In this context, the system modernizes the transport network while minimizing costs by allowing operators to fully connect on their existing knowledge and skills.