CTech | “NATO’s Communication System Tender: Turkish Candidate CTech”

“NATO’s Communication System Tender: Turkish Candidate CTech”

CTech | “NATO’s Communication System Tender: Turkish Candidate CTech”
20 December 2023

CTech’s Jamming Resistant Satellite Terminal is preparing to enter NATO’s communications tender. On the third day of the 16th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF’23) held in Ankara, Regional Manager Mustafa Düzgün made special statements to Marinedeal News about the tender and the developed product.

Düzgün continued his speech by stating that NATO wants to receive service for all platforms within the scope of the modernization of ground stations and said, “A call was made for the supply of electronic warfare resistant modems. This call was made only to France and Turkey.” The reason is that, as two countries, we are seen as capable and product-oriented, they will publish documents in the coming days, the tender process will start accordingly, as CTech, we are trying to do our best. for our country.”

Stating that the Jam-Resistant Satellite Terminal has been developed in approximately 7 years, Düzgün continued his statements as follows:

“Currently, our deliveries to the Turkish Armed Forces are continuing. One of the best things here is that we first brought this capability to our own armed forces in Turkey, and then NATO expressed its desire to use this capability after seeing it in the modernization of all NATO ground stations. From the product presentation we made to them last year “We saw that they were very pleased. Hopefully, at the end of this beautiful race, CTech will be the winner on behalf of Turkey. I will be happy to present you such a technological product, which is used in satellite communication, the most popular type of communication of recent times, and which NATO trusts for its entire system.”