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CTech | NMS
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  • Information from network equipment can be interpreted.
  • It can be associated with a map.
  • Alarm and performance monitoring can be performed.
  • Relevant details of each module can be managed through the system’s modules.

Relevant details can be managed.

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Use Cases

CTech | NMS


Dashboard Module

Interpretation of data Network Equipment (NE)
Display of NE data using Chart structures in the Dashboard
Display of critical information for NEs (Alarm, Severity, etc)

Performance Module

Monitoring NE performance data
Monitoring R/L performance data
Monitoring KPI values
Monitoring Ethernet performance data
Monitoring Throughput Counters data

NMS Map Module

Display of Network Equipment in map structure
Association of Network Equipment information with the map
Association of the alarm generating NEs with the map

Topology Module

Display of the relationship between topology and Network Equipments (NE) detected with the
Display of NEs that detected by the Topology module. Adding NE to the topology interface dynamically and statically
Configuration of NEs
Backup and restore operations of NEs
Firmware update of NEs
Creating different LAN structures
Creation of Different LAN Structures.

Alert Module

Transmitting trap packets by NEs
Filtering Trap messages sent by NEs
Filtering NEs according to trap alarm level structures
Reporting NEs information and trap datya as PDF, CSV formats

Discovery Module

Generation of dynamic and static network discovery modules
Detection of the network equipment in the existing network structure with NMS discovery module
Using the LLDP protocol for Discovery
Support for LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) based on the 802.1AB standard
The discovery of network equipment using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) + LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) can be achieved

Login & Security Management

Specification of user levels and providing authorization
Using SNMPv3 with AES-256 encryption algorithm structure