CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal
CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal
CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal
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CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal

CTech V-Band solutions offer an integrated full-outdoor product operating at the V-Band. It’s antenna, RF and baseband units are integrated into a single outdoor unit to achieve much smaller and lighter system comparing to traditional microwave systems. Suitable for short-haul transmission and dense deployment.

The radio link is in Full-Fuplex (FDD) System configuration. In the FDD V-Band system, any two blocks of frequencies between 57-64 GHz are used for transmission or reception, depending upon the availability of Duplexers. This results in higher throughputs.

In the TDD system, radio link can work in both the TX or RX modes independently with integrated managing switch. Radio can support L2 and OAM functions.

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Use Cases

CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal


Distance300m with 99.99% accessibility
Antenna34 dBi, 3° beam width
Band Width50MHz – 2GHz
SpeedMax 1600mBd
Data RateUp to 10Gbps
ModulationBPSK-256 QAM
FECConfigurable RS FEC
Electrical Interface1x Copper 1 GbE, 1x Fiber 1 GbE, 2x 10 GbEdth
Management InterfaceEthernet / Web-Based Management
Link Quality OutputMSE Estimator, Radial MSE Estimator, Normalized Esimator
Ethernet CapacityOver 10Gbps
Ethernet Capabilities
  • Jumbo packet 14K, Full duplex, Auto Negotiation, SyncE, Link Monitor,
  • 1588v2, Loopback capabilities
TX Baseband Blocks
  • TX Modulator, Mapper, Air frame construction, Preamble symbols,
  • ACMB symbols, Payload Symbols, Dummy symbols, Pilot symbols,
  • Tx shaping filtering, Rate adaptor, Predistortion, Tx distortion correction,
  • Frequency adjustment – fsample/8, Gain correction +6/-12 dB
RX Baseband Blocks
  • External AGC, RX distortion correction, Coarse frequency correction,
  • Rate adapter, AGC, RX matched filter, Timing air frame correlator, Equalizer
  • Slicer, FEC, Ethernet
LatencyCapable for fixed latency
IEEE 1588v2Included
CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal

Scenario Definition

CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal

Extracting Range Profile

CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal

Doppler Process

CTech | 60GHz Radio Link Terminal

TCP/IP Interface