CTech Information Technologies has determined and committed to comply with the following principles in all its processes.

Respecting Human Rights and Social Values: We take into account basic human rights and social values in all bussines operations.

Customer Satisfaction is our priority: Technical and special requirements, the quality of the work and compliance with the schedule are our priority.

Product Oriented: We work to design and manufacture products in accordance with the requirements of the industry in which the products are marketed. We carry out after-sales support activities and to ensure product continuity.

Leading in Technology: We follow technological developments and trends and develop new technologies.

Working systematically and principally: We always comply with the integrated management system, laws, standards and ethical principles.

Caring for Our Employees: We continuously improve the satisfaction and competence of our employees with training. We always pay attention to occupational health and safety rules.

Advancing Our Whole Ecosystem: We reflect the requirements of our customers and management standards to our subcontractors and support them for their development.

Continuous Improvement and Development: We always develop ideas to be in better quality and more efficient in all our processes and operations.

Working in accordance with Information Security and Facility Security: We ensure and control confidentiality, integrity and accessibility in all our processes and information assets. We operate the system related to our facility security in accordance with the Facility Security Legislation. Our employees undertake to comply with Information Security and Facility Security rules.

Protecting the Environment: In all our operations, we try to be beneficial to the environment and to minimize our damage to the environment.