In accordance with our vision and mission, to make the studies, services and products performed within the company in accordance with the world accepted technology standards,

To carry out works in accordance with laws, laws and international standards,

To ensure its up-to-date and sufficiency by creating a world-class quality management system by making continuous improvements and arrangements, continuously improving and improving this system,

Determining the development targets with the participation of the board of directors and the employees of the company and creating a healthy quality management system by ensuring their suitability, measurability, availability and accessibility,

To go beyond customer needs and expectations and to be a leading and directing organization,

To ensure that the quality management system and quality policy are communicated to all company employees and business partners through trainings and announcements,

To make quality a culture and to ensure that all the studies are in compliance with the quality management system,

To present the latest technology products and solutions in all our business processes in products and projects at the best prices and without compromising our quality policy by considering the national conditions, national security and defense,

And to determine the basics of quality policy.

“Business partners” and “customers" are regarded as integral parts of our quality policy.

Our quality policy is open to development and change as a natural requirement of our work.